1. Place the SCORE ORDER™ on a flat surface with the closed side on your left, name label facing you.

2. Gather all of the music together from a single piece, including music not used.

3. Begin by placing each piece of music under the tab whose label corresponds with the instrument on the part.

4. When all of the parts are sorted by instrument, separately organize each tabbed section, if necessary, into sub-order (Examples: separate 2nd parts from 3rd parts, separate Eb and F horn parts, separate tuba and string bass parts, organize "Miscellaneous" parts by instrument)

5. Music is now in SCORE ORDER.

NOTE: At this time, you may choose to make a copy of the Summary Sheet Master that came with SCORE ORDER™ and record information about the piece. Fill out the form, file it with the music or scan it to your computer's music inventory files.

6. Remove the music from the SCORE ORDER™ sorter carefully either by turning the sorter and pulling the pages together off the open end or by removing sections together (recommended for thick stacks), keeping them in order.

7. Music is now ready to be put in an envelope or file folder.

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