Arranging music into SCORE ORDER means sorting the various parts in a traditional order. It begins with the Conductor Score on top and progresses through the instruments that are used in the piece. These are arranged from high to low instrument voices and end with the Percussion section instruments. Occassionally the piece calls for additional or non-traditional instruments. These are put at the end in the Miscellaneous section.

The SCORE ORDER™ sorting device:
SIMPLE to use (even for non-musicians). Even helpers who are not familiar with the instruments are able to match the part with the corresponding section in the sorter.
Sort music in clearly labeled sections by instrument. Labels are printed directly on to the device and will not peel off.
FAST, logical, neat. No more shuffling large stacks of music.
STRONG, made of durable materials. Made of sturdy plastic riveted at the spine and designed to take years of repeated use.
       Score Order measures 3½" x 21''
EASY to identify missing parts. By using the SUMMARY SHEET, a master included with each unit, the completeness of the instrumentation is easily identified.
Includes support board, 20 pre-labeled section dividers. Dividers appear in standard score order, either for BAND arrangements or SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA arrangements. A "Miscellaneous" section is also included on each sorter to enable sorting of additional or non-traditional instruments used in the piece.
Includes an optional-use Summary Sheet
*Record present and missing parts (for the next time the piece is performed)
*Record past performance information (dates, groups, comments)
*Record parts that need to be ordered (to replace damaged or missing parts and where the music was ordered)


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